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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Site News!!

Pages that have been updated -

Community - Now a direct link to the forum from the sidebar

Competitions - There is now a noo competishun for all minyuns

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Welcome to Minions of Riff, the official Fansite for Naughty Little Riff

hellow. u is very clever fur findin this syte. mebbe sumwun told u were to find it or mebbe u saw a link an clikkd on it an now ur finkin bluddy hell i forgotten how to reed but u havnt forgottun how to reed but mebbe ur not used to my superierer spellin.

minions of riff is an fficial fansite fur me but it it also a club were da norty animals in da wurld can get togevver an be norty under uffishal leedership. i am da leeder an u wil bow to me but u do not haf to be a rat to be a minyon u can be anny amnimal but not a youman. if u wud lyke to be a minyon you can applie by clickin on the becommin a minion link an it is eeezie.

on dis syte you can meet uvver minyons an u can have competishons an there wil be a forum fur minyons an lots of uvver stuff too an you shud explore da site an have fun.

stay norty tho or u wil be band.